Bank Place


Bank Place was conceived as a landmark headquarters development, situated at the heart of Bristol, with a prime location on the Floating Harbour, adjoining Temple Way Bridge.

It comprises two buildings, which are eight storeys and seven storeys high respectively. Both sit on a raised podium level that incorporates retail space and provides a landscaped plaza as a transition to street level. Within the design, there is the potential for the two buildings to be linked by a two-storey bridge of office space. Beneath this is an under-croft parking level, with car, motorcycle and cycle parking, bin storage and service intake rooms. A unique feature of this design was the ability to provide a commercially viable solution of 18,0m column-free spans to create ultimate flexibility for office fit-out.

This scheme was brought to fruition despite particular challenges relating to the site which included its proximity to the Grade I listed Shot Tower, the preservation of views to St Phillip and  St Jacob’s Church to the North, a major Victorian sewer which passed directly under the site and the location of the harbour wall and associated flood defence issues.

(Images credited to Scott Brownrigg)

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