Eagle Recovery Centre


Exploring new markets in waste recovery and recycling led to the successful bid and delivery of the Eagle Recovery Centre. Critical to the design, far beyond the mere provision of an efficient large-span sorting facility, was the central focus on recycling, sustainability, and education.

Situated in the Black Valley, the site was fraught with development challenges, the least of which was that it was peppered with redundant coal shafts and underground tunnels. Once the extent of these was fully understood from both historic data and sophisticated sub-ground surveys, it allowed for a considered and viable placement of the major footprint.

Central to the facility was a visitors centre charged with educating the public on energy conservation and recycling in the environment. The design, despite site challenges, achieved a BREEAM Excellent accreditation by maximising design opportunities to include rainwater harvesting, biomass boilers, and extensive photovoltaic energy generation.

(Images credited to Scott Brownrigg)

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