Pembroke House

Cambridge Business Park, Cambridge

Pembroke House provided the ideal opportunity to revitalise a blighted commercial unit that had been ignored and vacant for 12 months and, in occupying a prominent location at the entrance to the prestigious Cambridge Business Park, would represent the emerging brand of the Park.

Due to the history of poor revenue generated by the aging unit, the refurbish budget was extremely tight and challenging. Confident that the existing building was inherently sound the argument was made to retain the principal structure. Working closely with the design team a fully coordinated and costed proposal allowed for all aspects of the facade, M&E, and internal finishes to be refurbished. By focusing facade treatment on the prominent ‘Park entrance’ corner and providing an impressive spatial canopy, the building took on a new place in announcing the Business Park.  These commercial decisions were vindicated even before contract completion by attracting a new pre-let blue chip tenant in the British Broadcasting Association based solely on a ‘drive by’ sighting of the impressive and exciting new remodeling.

A remarkable success story in the merits of refurbishment over new build, a shortened construction programme, retention of inherited generous parking ratios, cost efficiency, and achieving ‘new build’ market rentals.

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