Prospect Business Park

Thames Valley

(Images credited to Scott Brownrigg)

Offering a unique site within the setting of the River Thames the development provides the opportunity for a new three storey office building to be located centrally within the large mature site. The existing established landscaping, supplemented by additional landscaping, integrates the new building into its setting.

The building has been placed along the existing contour with its major axis in an east-west orientation, minimising the degree of cut and fill providing predominant southern and northern facades. Floors have been conceived to be let floor by floor or have the flexibility of multiple subdivisions.

The primary pallet of materials is intentionally limited to
the use of facing brick, colour coated glazed curtain wall sections and the use of colour coated louvers. These are used in combination to respond to the elevational treatment which, with a predominant east west axis, allows for a simple and ordered response to solar conditions.

By contrast to the more solid elevational treatment of the southern, eastern and western façade the northern façade presents a more transparent elevation being predominantly glazed with a light, elegant full height curtain walled solution to maximise the immediate parkland setting and the panoramic distant views of the Thames Valley. A sweeping eave serves to reduce glare to the occupants and creates a dramatic feature to this façade.

Louvre clad stacked plants located at the ‘ends’ of each wing minimise the impact on overall building height and allow services to feed laterally in to all floors.

Parking has been laid out in a structured manner to give both clarity and formality to the design. Disabled bays are located closest to the building entrance. A pathway links all the parking tiers, motorbike bays and cycle bays to the main entrance.

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